CELEBRATING EMERITUS – Deacon Charles B. Geter, Sr.

The Calvary Temple Church family and friends celebrated Deacon Charles B. Geter, Sr., emeritus service on Sunday, November 22, 2020. Deacon Geter has been a Mount Calvary member (currently Calvary Temple) since the beginning of its birthing years in the late 1960s. Deacon Geter served faithfully under his former Pastor’s ministry, the late Wesley M Taylor, Sr., until April 2017, when God called him from earth to glory.

Deacon Geter is married to Mother Ernestine Booth Geter. From this union, three children were born, Charles, Jr., (Barbara), Dwayne, Sr. (Velma), and Karen, six grandchildren: Chrystal (Avery), Christopher, Coury, Sr., Dwayne, Jr., Daniel, and Danielle, and two great-grandchildren: Coury, Jr., and Amia Geter. Emeritus Deacon Charles Geter served as the Chairman of the Deacon Board for more than three decades. Today, he performs under his late Pastor’s successor, District Elder Wesley M. Taylor, Jr. Deacon Geter’s successor to the Chairman of Deacon Board is his eldest son, Deacon Charles Geter, Jr.

The Emeritus celebratory service was a blessed and memorable event. Deacon Craig Ramsey of Mission Church of Christ, Somerville, MD, was the guest speaker, and Pastor Wesley Taylor, Jr. was the MC for the evening. Reverend James Geter (his brother), Elder Dwayne Geter (his son), Bishop James Clarke, Sr., Deacon Peter Radcliffe, and Apostle Henry Moultrie II, (a former co-worker, and friend) gave reflections. Apostle Moultrie received Christ as his personal Savior through the witnessing of Deacon Charles Geter, Sr. while working together.

The District 2 Quartet of the Virginia Western Diocese rendered the music, singing three (3) songs from the former Calvary Six (6) repertoire, which Deacon Charles Geter was a member. Emeritus Deacon Charles Geter’s successor to the Chairman of Deacon Board is his eldest son, Deacon Charles Geter, Jr., who also gave extraordinary remarks at the celebration’s climaxing. Emeritus Deacon Charles Geter, Sr., gave indebtedness to all who participated and assisted in the service. God blessed, and he was well pleased and grateful for the success of the event. Pastor Wesley M. Taylor, Jr. gave the final remarks and the benediction.

By Sister Patricia Taylor-Henry