A devastating virus invaded the world and traveled from country to country, taking the lives of many and sickening others without mercy. This crushing disease crippled our country, America, and today it’s still in full force seeking and devouring every human body that undoubtedly or unquestionably did not allow it to take control of their life. First and foremost, it affected God’s chosen Vessels in such a way that the brick-and-mortar buildings were closed and forbidden to use. The virus altered many people’s lives as the world became paralyzed with fear. People became distant and divided from one another. Lockdown from jobs, shopping, gatherings, and event functions caused the world to go into a panic mode and fear. The virus began in the latter part of 2019 and continued into 2020, now into 2021.

God’s very own chosen servants began to live in a small portion of fear, not forgetting about the comfort of His Word but stressed over the fear of catching the deadly virus. We are now living in a period of profound disruption, chaos, and anxiety. Our loved ones and things we hold dear to us have separated from us, and the standard order of life has completely been disrupted. As the disease exacerbates (worsen), the world went on a universal lockdown. The government officials ordered everyone to stay in their homes. They could only come out for essential items or needs. If they have to leave their homes, everyone must wear a face mask and social distance six (6) feet apart to protect themselves and others. The fear of the virus left the world in a discombobulated state of mind.

As Satan continued his sneaky and selfish scheme (which is to steal, kill, and devour) to overthrow God’s plan for His people, Satan thought he had conquered his goal. But God’s anointed Vessels stepped up to the power of His Word, and the “Church New Normal” began to invade the minds and thoughts of His leaders – Church Social Media! God laid before them the world of telecommunication, Zoom media, YouTube, and other media platforms to continue spreading God’s Love and His Divine Word. Because we know that prayer is the key to the kingdom, daily Virtual Prayer Services began to take over the airways and byways through Telemedia. Virtual worship services, teaching, programs, and many other virtual services began to birth out of this New Norm.

While still amid instability, the saints continued to glorify God through the means of social media. They rejoiced in the Lord by praising and giving thanks to God for His goodness and mercy. They also thank Him for the power of the Holy Ghost that dominated their lives. The mere fact is, Satan does not hold the key to the lives of God’s people. In June, the government allowed businesses and churches to reopen with a limited number of fifty (50) or fewer people. In the mid-month of June, Calvary Temple reopened its doors for in-person worship service, and today, its doors are still opened each Sunday hosting service for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Every Friday from 12-1 p.m., an in-person noonday prayer service is held. The praise team and musicians have rehearsals twice a week. By now, Satan must know that he can’t stop God’s progress during this global pandemic. No matter what he does, God will get the glory!

As anointed people of God living in this uncertain world, our lives are lived solely depending on the Word of God. We desire to continually stay in touch with the Holy Spirit, feel His presence, and listen for His comforting words. Because we are His children, saved and sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost, we know that God does not speak to us through the wind, earthquakes, nor fire. His voice is always present in a tender and soft whisper. As we go from day to day living in a pandemic atmosphere, God lets us know through His gentle whispering voice that He is with us.

Though the wind rages, the earth shakes, fire scorches, and the COVID-19 virus has invaded our lives, God is ever-present, close enough to whisper peace to our weary hearts and souls. As we navigate this pandemonium, be prayerful and watchful and remember, God will continue to protect, guide, and keep us. In all the chaos and fear, God is always close enough that we can hear His divine whisper in our ears.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Revelation 1:8

By Sister Patricia Taylor-Henry